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Delievering Best quality denim garment brands across the world

Welcome to Rainbow Denim Limited

Rainbow Denim Limited aims to maintain its position as a part of the unique Indian Denim manufacturing industry, by offering products that are distinctly differentiated and in line with fashion requirements of the leading Denim garment brands, the world over.

Achievements and Certifications!

Set in the state of Punjab, our ultramodern plant uses the rope-dyeing technology and has capacity to produce 20 million meters of Denim per year. The fabric is intended for exports to the developed markets of the World and the plant adheres to the strictest international norms of technology and environment-friendly processes.

To keep pace with international fashion trends, our products are engineered to meet the demands and requirements of the most demanding denim fashion brands.

Denim is not only produced in different depths of blue, but in various combination shades, making Rainbow part of the select few in India with such manufacturing capabilities.

The modern, integrated plant of Spinning, Dyeing, Weaving and Finishing is equipped with State-of-the-art quality control systems at all the stages of our manufacturing process

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